We take the heavy lifting out of the transition to renewable energy

AltCrest Energy bridges the gap between the real estate world and the renewable energy sector
AltCrest Energy

We offer simple turnkey solutions so you can focus on what you do best – developing and owning successful real estate projects

AltCrest Energy operates under a utility model framework (often called Energy-as-a-Service, or EaaS). We invest the capital to design and construct the renewable energy driven mechanical and electrical systems within your buildings, in exchange for a market-determined energy contract.
Following project completion, we continue to own, manage, and maintain the systems to ensure they continue to perform over the long term.

Geothermal systems use the stable temperature of the ground below buildings as a thermal battery, providing reliable zero-carbon heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

Geothermal systems are a proven method of eliminating greenhouse gases from the heating of large buildings, which is typically the leading contributor to emissions under traditional gas heating systems.

Under the EaaS model, the owner-developer avoids investing in traditional big-ticket items such as boilers, chillers, and cooling towers. Rather, AltCrest Energy invests in the geothermal infrastructure at no cost to the owner-developer.
AltCrest Energy offers turnkey solutions for projects from 150 units to over 2,000+ units.

Geo-Exchange Field

A grid of boreholes drilled below the building to depths of 650-850 feet, which are used to either absorb or reject thermal energy from the surrounding ground, to satisfy heating and cooling to the building above.

Mechanical Room

Small mechanical room typically located on the P1 or P2 level below-grade, which houses the geo-exchange pumps, heat exchanger, and associated mechanical equipment.

Condenser Loop & In-Suite Heat Pumps

Pipes that circulate fluid throughout the building to supply thermal energy to the in-suite heat pumps, which provide heating and cooling to occupants.
Solar PV

Rooftop solar PV panels capture the sun’s rays and generate electrical energy to power the building.

Solar electrical energy can also be used to provide zero-carbon heating and cooling, when coupled with companion technologies, such as air-source heat pumps.

In the past ten years, solar costs have dropped by 90% while energy output per panel has increased by 50%. Solar is now a viable solution to provide total energy solutions for many real estate applications.
AltCrest Energy offers turnkey solutions for large industrial and institutional settings from 500 kW to 4 mW+.

Rooftop Solar PV System

Full solar array including modules, racking, inverters, and associated equipment which gather clean, renewable solar energy.

Electrical Room

Transformers and electrical equipment to transfer the solar-generated electricity to the building below.

Electrical Systems

Managed by Property
Building lighting, plug loads, EVSE stations, and other electrical demands are met by the solar-generated electricity from the roof.
How It Works

We plug in with your development and construction teams to ensure seamless integration with your project schedule and objectives

Phase 1


Show us a real estate project or two where you’re curious about renewable energy opportunities. Within two weeks, we will provide a preliminary review with an indicative structure.
Phase 2


Upon confirming the preferred structure, we’ll complete a detailed engineering review and commit to final business terms.
Phase 3

& Construction

If all of the above works for you, we’ll sit down to finalize an energy agreement and how to most efficiently slot into your construction schedule.

Want to identify yourself as a sustainability leader? Let's chat

Want to identify yourself as a sustainability leader? Let's chat